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Dr. Victor Quiroz

Dr. Victor Quiroz’s mission statement:

“Our goal as chiropractors is to be health care professionals providing high quality individualized care and to make an impact on the health and lifestyle choices of the community. As well as become a positive influence on our patient’s health and wellness by maximizing performance and improving quality of life.”

Dr. Quiroz grew up in Northwest Houston. He began his undergraduate studies at the University of Houston, then attended Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and received his Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic. Dr. Quiroz continued his education at the University of Houston–Clear Lake, where he received a Master of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences. Despite many opportunities to work elsewhere in the country, Dr. Quiroz has decided to stay close to his family and to help the community where he plans to reside.

Dr. Quiroz has worked in several clinics with different patient concentrations in: athletics, post-surgical rehabilitation, family practice, personal injury, and wellness. He then opened his own practice in Northwest Houston to bring chiropractic health care to an underserved community. Now Dr. Quiroz assists Texas Chiropractic college as an attending clinician and professor. At the Moody Health Center Dr. Quiroz aspires to harmonize with other doctors to provide health care to the individuals and families around the area. In cooperation with traditional healthcare, Dr. Quiroz will provide a much needed natural medicine solution to those in this community.

 Dr. Quiroz looks forward to investing in the community!


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